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Mendip Sqabox Duo MultiFuel Stove

The Sqabox duO is akin to the Sqabox unO in its modern, minimalistic design its clean lines frame the fire and help to draw the eye. However, the duO has a 6.0kW output, instead of the unOs 4.5kW, which is capable of heating larger rooms. This extra heating potential is controlled by the advanced, single lever, airwash system, enabling you to create a warming environment to meet your needs, or desires.

The tough, 5mm steel body will heat up quickly, so that you dont have to wait long to feel the heat of the fire. This is complemented by a cast iron door that takes longer to heat up but has a higher heat retention capacity, which will provide a more gentle and constant heat to the room. The insulated fire chamber also reflects heat into room, instead of losing it to the chimney or surrounding masonary, maximising the energy you get from your fuel.

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Additional information

Dimensions 360 x 490 x 590 mm
Appliance Output

6 – 8kW

Technical PDF
Fuel Options

Flue Diameter

Nominal Heat Output

Stove Body Construction

Stove Door Options

Distance to Combustibles Side (mm)

Distance to Combustibles Rear (mm)

Stove Colour