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Termatech TT10S Wood Burning Stove

The TT10S is an elegant and solid soapstone covering. Unique design. Soapstone is a natural product, so no two stoves are completely alike, Soapstone absorbs the heat slowly emitting the accumulated heat long after the fire has died out
The elegant TT10 range is comprised of four different models, all of which have quality, construction and design on par with stoves that are significantly more expensive.

The TT10 has the same brilliant air control system as the newer models. and the high curved panoramic front allows the fire to be enjoyed from different angles. The door has a two point closure, with cast iron both in the bottom and in the door, ensuring stability and longevity. Combustion wise the TT10 range is exceptional, adjusted quickly and easily via the aid of a single control grip. In newly built and well insulated homes, it may be necessary to supply external air to the room where the stove is located. All TT10 models can be directly connected to fresh air via the stoves air duct, so heat is not wasted through open windows or vents.

Additional information

Dimensions 490 x 525 x 1044 mm
Appliance Output

6 – 8kW

Technical PDF

Fuel Options

Flue Diameter

Nominal Heat Output

Stove Body Construction

Stove Door Options

Distance to Combustibles Side (mm)

Distance to Combustibles Rear (mm)

Stove Colour