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MCZ Deco Pellet stoves

Classic-style pellet stove, with cladding and firebox entirely made of cast iron in Black or enamelled cast iron in White.

Wider and more attractive flame

Finally, the flame of burning pellets is worth looking at. The brazier is long and narrow and the pellets are thus distributed uniformly. This means the pellet flame resembles the appealing and magical look of the flame produced by burning wood.

Perfect solution for optimising the space

Thanks to its contained overall dimensions and to the presence of a top smoke outlet, this product is the perfect solution for optimising the living space. For example, it can be perfectly installed in an existing firebox, thus obtaining both a “British” touch and an effective heating solution. The sliding opening of the pellet tank makes loading operations extremely easy.

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Additional information

Nominal Heat Output

Hopper capacity

20.00 lt

Pellet hourly consumption (Min)

0.90 kg/h

Pellet hourly consumption (Max)

1.80 kg/h

Stove Colour