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Biomass Boiler and Heating Installations

Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers take organic matter and burn it and turn whatever fuel you are using into heat for your central heating or simply as a standalone boiler for your room. Our stoves and boilers can make a great focal point for your room. Biomass boilers are often carbon neutral as the fuel is taken from the atmosphere and stored within the plants and woods. If you buy your fuel from us you can be sure all our wood is re-planted sustainably. Remember, our service comes complete with flue construction and the correct lining for your home as well as a full aftercare chimney cleaning and appliance maintenance service.

Wood pellet & wood chip boilers

In general a biomass boiler or stove will feast on wood pellet and wood chip. Our boilers all run on this fuel which is a sustainable low carbon option. Our stoves can be fitted with a back boiler to provide water heating and our boilers can be connected straight into your central heating and hot water. We also provide regular fuel deliveries to ensure you will never run out of wood.


There are many ways in which a wood pellet boiler can benefit your business or home, and the reasons for their use can vary from application to application. Two main constants however are their eco friendly nature, and their cost efficiency. In regards to their eco-friendliness, wood pellet boilers producing typically 90% less CO2 during the burning process than fossil fuels. All trees absorb Carbon from the Air, when timber is burned this carbon is release back into the air which in turn is absorbed by trees, therefore the process goes full circle and can be considered Carbon Neutral.

  • Easy installation suitable for most applications
  • Helps reduce your Carbon Foot-Print
  • Simple integration with Solar Hot Water Systems
  • UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities and support the rural economy.
  • Ash produced is a free and organic fertiliser
  • Particularly suitable for off mains gas areas


Pellets are made from 100% natural wood, typically discarded material from the wood processing industry in the form of sawdust and wood-shavings. The shavings and sawdust are compressed under high pressure to form the cylindrical pellets. The pellets are a convenient fuel as they can be automatically fed into the boiler offering high efficiency levels and a low ash content waste which is both manageable and easily disposed. Storage of pellets may also be easier than logs.

Thermal Earth can provide a silo specifically designed for pellet storage. Having a large silo of pellets will give you piece of mind that you have enough pellets to provide heating for a prolonged period. Having such a silo will mean that you will never have to man-handle the pellets. Pellets will be inserted directly into the silo, then automatically fed into the Pellet Gasifying Boiler. Having a silo for storage of pellets, deliveries of pellets can be made cheaper due to ordering in bulk.

Interesting facts of Wood Pellets:
  • 2kg of pellets is approximately equal to 1l of fuel oil
  • 650kg of pellets = 1m3
  • 1kg of pellets = 4.9kWh