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Underfloor Heating

Supplied and fitted by Local experts


Underfloor heating (UFH) is not a new form of central heating but is a choice of heating which has been neglected over the years. Due to material and technological advancements, Underfloor heating systems are now far more practical, efficient and comfortable than ever. Unsightly radiators can become a thing of the past, maximising space in your house whilst providing a more effective heating solution.

Underfloor heating is the most efficient form of heating as it works in harmony with the convectional flow. It is spread out across the floor, heating from the ground up. This ensures that the whole room is heated evenly and creates a more comfortable environment as head height is cooler than feet level.

Each room where Underfloor heating is placed can be individually controlled, this allows you to set a temperature suited to the room, or turn off the heating in rooms that aren’t being used or require little heating.

Underfloor Heating water temperatures are lower than that of radiators, due a more efficient heating method. A lower input water temperature means that heater does not need to use so much energy, thus reducing the cost the home owner.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Diagram
  • Underfloor heating reduces the air borne circulation of dust & dust mites creating a healthier and cleaner environment.
  • UFH is a low temperature system making it perfect for renewable hot water sources such as solar and Heat Pumps, both of which Thermal Earth supply
  • Cleaning floors is easier and wet floors dry much quicker
  • Hot air rises, which is why heating from the ground up is the most sensible and efficient method of heating