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Stove and Solid Fuel Installation

Make your house feel and look hot with our multi fuel stoves

We have wood burning and multi fuel stoves to suit all sizes of rooms and budgets. Whether you want a brand new space heater, want to completely revamp the aesthetic of your living space, or install central heating stoves to keep you warm during those cold Pembrokeshire nights.We have wood burning and multi fuel stoves to suit all sizes of rooms, houses and budgets. Avoid fire and carbon monoxide poisoning by installing your stove with our HETAS registered installation and servicing team.

Chilli Penguin Fat  MultiFuel Stove

Stove Installation Options

Here at Little Green Planet we do site visits to put together a tailored estimate for you which should cover all your needs. We offer a range of installation packages. We recommend Silver or Gold Package installations for longevity and piece of mind but still offer a good quality basic service through our Bronze package.

Gold Installation Pakage

  • Highest quality component sets
  • High quality installation
  • 35 year flue liner warranty (From manufacturer)
  • 10 year twin walled flue warranty (From manufacturer)
  • Full system design, guidance and advice
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty on stove and all flue components

Silver Installation Pakage

  • High quality component sets
  • High quality installation
  • 25 year flue liner warranty (From manufacturer)
  • 10 year twin walled flue warranty (From manufacturer)
  • Full system design, guidance and advice
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty on stove and all flue components

Bronze Installation Pakage

  • Basic component sets
  • High quality installation
  • Full system design, guidance and advice
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty on stove and all flue components

Frequently asked questions

Very often, yes! We specialise in the construction of twin walled flue systems. You can run a twin walled system up through a house and out of the roof or out through an end wall and up the outside allowing a stove to be installed where there is no existing chimney, without major construction works.

There are many regulations to consider when installing such systems which will often govern where in a room the stove can be sited. If you are considering this option we would recommend that you book a free survey with one of our HETAS registered surveyors who will talk you through the finer details and give an accurate estimation of costs.

Older brick or stone chimneys will usually require lining for use with a solid fuel appliance. The best method for re-lining a chimney would be to build in sectional pumice liners. This is of course this is a major undertaking which is why many people opt for lining using a stainless steel flue liner. Stainless steel liners will perform well and last typically between 10 and 30 years when installed and cared for correctly. However, care must be taken to ensure the appliance is operating at the correct temperature as much of the time as possible and the correct fuel is being burned. Our flue liners carry a full guarantee unlike many other types available. 316g stainless steel liners are guaranteed for 10 years and 904g liners are guaranteed for 25. We usually recommend 904g stainless steel for use with multi-fuel appliances. The difference in cost is typically around £150.00 between the two grades.

If you have a good flue to connect an appliance to we will be able to connect an appliance without lining provided the system passes sufficient tests to ensure that there can be no fume escape.

There are plenty of good stoves with back boilers for heating water. The amount of hot water you will get from a stove is governed by the size of the appliance and the size of the boiler.

There can be plenty of conflicting information from the manufacturers in relation to boiler sizes so we’ve made it simpler by giving a rough estimate of how many radiators you can run from all our stoves based on their output and 600x1000mm double radiators (5,900btu) which is an average radiator size for a typical room. See our stove brochure for more information on this.

Remember to adjust your calculations for the space heating requirements of your stove as there will be no way of switching the hot water system off when the stove is running meaning it will always be taking heat away to the water.

You can although we wouldn’t recommend it for two reasons:

We’ve had years of experience installing stoves and although it isn’t rocket science there are a number of regulations and safety issues to consider when installing.

You have to register a new installation of a solid fuel appliance by law with a governing body such as HETAS or the local council. If we install your appliance we can do this for you, but if you do it yourself or have it done by someone who is not registered you will need to get an engineer from the county council to inspect the work which will typically cost you more than our installation charge.

We’re not going to make any empty promises that nothing unexpected will ever go wrong with your appliance or installation although we do try our best to avoid complications. We will however promise to be on hand to deal with any problems as they arise.

We take our after care service very seriously and believe in treating our customers honestly and with respect. We will act as your first and only point of call if you have problems and we will take responsibility for repairing any faults and chasing manufacturers if there were a problem with the appliance itself. All of our stoves will offer a warranty to cover any manufacturing defects for a set length of time which we will back up with our full aftercare service for the lifetime of the appliance. We try and give as much information and advice as possible with all new installations and we won’t ever make a charge for visits or repair work unless we feel it’s fair to do so. For extra piece of mind we personally guarantee everything to do with your installation for a period of 3 years at no extra cost.

Gladly. Let us know the price you’ve been quoted and we’ll do our best to be competitive

Unlike many other stove installers we are happy to re-install old appliances or ones that have been purchased elsewhere provided we consider them to be safe. If you’ve got an old appliance that is in need of some TLC we also offer full reconditioning.

We would of course like it if you bought your stove from us as it makes things simpler if something were to go wrong with the stove in the future and we do like to look after our customers. If you have seen a stove elsewhere that you like the look of let us know and we’ll do our best to source it for you at a competitive price.

Please don’t be tempted by the dirt cheap cast iron imported stoves. They cause us nothing but trouble!

Our estimates are as accurate as we can get them and if you have had one you will know that the level of detail we go into on our site survey is unrivalled by any of our local competitors. We know our prices are extremely competitive and we rarely get beaten on price for individual services and components.

If there is a significant difference in costs between one of our estimates and another it will usually be down to the quality of components specified. We have spent years perfecting and improving our practices and we are confident that the components we specify are correct and will provide you the best possible value for money. Our flue linings and pipes carry full guarantees unlike many others, and all adaptors, cowls and terminals we use will be specified to give best possible performance for years to come.

We have come across a number of installations in the past where customers have gone with another company due to a lower estimate and been caught out by additional components being added to an invoice after installation which has actually made total costs higher. We would certainly never discourage you from obtaining other estimates for work but please be mindful of any issues we raise and always check things like components specified and guarantees.

No we’re not expensive at all, in fact our prices are extremely competitive. We are restricted from advertising our prices online by the stove manufacturers.

This is because the manufacturers don’t want their products being sold over the internet without the proper advice, aftercare service and personalised information you can get from a local experienced retailer, which makes perfect sense. Unfortunately to try and stop this happening they choose to restrict us from advertising our prices which makes competing with online companies much more difficult for us.

We do not sell over the internet or supply stoves far outside of our area which we can’t look after. Please don’t be afraid to drop in to our showroom or call us for further information. We don’t employ pushy sales tactics and will not pester you for ever more if you make an enquiry!