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Solid Fuel Sweeping and Servicing

Chimney Sweeping and Stove Servicing


HETAS recommends that a sweep of your chimney is carried out at least once per year to ensure the ongoing safety and performance of your stove.

If your chimney is not swept regularly then smoke and gases begin to enter the room.  This may only be small amounts to begin with but you and your family will still be breathing it in.  As the flue gets more clogged the amount of gas and smoke entering the room will increase and can make living in the house quite dangerous.  In addition to this the smoke causes discoloration to the paint on the ceilings.  It may also permeate the curtains to such an extent that the only way to remove the odor of smoke is to have them dry cleaned.

Our Service

Little Green Planet offers an chimney sweeping and appliance servicing to domestic and commercial properties. Any blockages or birds nests will need to be removed to ensure fumes are leaving the room correctly.

Once a sweep is completed, our HETAS Registered Engineer will issue a certificate.

Little Green Planet Sweep and Service Costs

Being a local company we’re very keen with our pricing and service our customers all receive an upfront and honest pricing.

We will clean your chimney and provide a certificate from our HETAS certified engineer. This price does not include any additional parts or consumables used on a service.

We can sweep additional chimneys on the same visit for £25 inc VAT per chimney.

If your stove is in need of a bit of TLC and repair; parts have worn, glass has broken etc. We come out and replace the damaged parts so your up and running again. This price does not include the price of the spares or consumables used on a service Please check our link for spares pricing.

Unfortunately some times birds nest in chimneys and cause alot of problems with fire draw. We can remove the nests humanely and then clear the chimney to perform a Sweep on appliance.  This price does not include any additional parts or consumables used on a service.

Spares List and Prices

Does your stove need spares? Glass, Bricks Grates? Check out our stove spare list. If you can’t find what your looking for contact us and we’ll source it for you.

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